Adelaide Wedding Photography: Alice & Jason’s Celebration at Old Woodhouse Manor

Alice and Jason’s wedding was a vibrant tapestry woven from shared passions, heartfelt connections, and an insatiable zest for life. From the moment I met them, their infectious energy told me this wouldn’t be just any ordinary celebration – it would be a symphony of laughter, music, and genuine joy captured in every precious frame.

From the first time I met Alice and Jason, their combination of friendly, kind and spontaneous personalities with a deep sense of life’s adventure, arts, coffee, food and wine have all told me -we are in for a great wedding.

And Oh boy we were!

They were not fussed about anything. They were lucky to lock in a date at Old Woodhouse Manor – the Crown Jewel of Piccadilly.

As Alice and Jason exchanged vows, their eyes locked, conveying a depth of love that transcended words. Later, tears of laughter welled up during heartfelt speeches, each captured in a single click. It was these intimate moments, woven together with the overall joy of the celebration, that I aimed to preserve for eternity.

Jason being in the food and wine industry has made sure the best choice of alcohol and drinks are flowing, paired with house-made dips, brisket and all smoked delicious foods.

They know how to set up the dream wedding from fairy lights to rattan chairs. As guests arrived, captivating tunes of folk and blues were sung live by Oliver Kabbani with his guitar. DJ Craig played the beats as the day unfolded into a magical groovy wedding party.

Through my lens, I aimed to translate their vibrant personalities and the wedding’s unique atmosphere. The fairy lights twinkling amongst the ancient magnolias became a backdrop for stolen glances and heartfelt embraces. The infectious rhythm of the music pulsed through my camera, translating the dance floor’s energy into timeless photographs.

It was the perfect wedding for Alice and Jason, a day filled with sweet memories of not only them but also their loved ones celebrating with them, strolling through the secret gardens in the shade of century-old magnolia trees, mingling and catching up at the paved courtyard.

The rare chance to celebrate with family and friends is certainly one of the most precious things in life we could ever value. For these two, they embraced celebrating their love and union, enjoying the feel of day fading into night delighting in the echoes of beats, cheers and laughter.

Accompanying this text is just a glimpse of the magic I witnessed through my lens. To truly experience the full story of Alice and Jason’s wedding, I invite you to explore my portfolio, where you’ll find a collection of their special day in all its vibrancy. Perhaps your love story is waiting to be told in beautiful photographs – don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss how I can capture the essence of your dream wedding.

Congratulations Alice and Jason.

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