Wedding Timeline Guide in South Australia

Planning a wedding in South Australia involves several steps and considerations. Here’s a general timeline for the bride and groom leading up to the big day. Remember that this is a suggested timeline and can be adjusted based on personal preferences and specific circumstances.

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12-18 Months Before:

  1. Set a Budget:
    • Determine the budget for the wedding.
  2. Create a Guest List:
    • Draft a preliminary guest list to estimate the size of the wedding.
  3. Choose a Venue:
    • Research and select a wedding venue.
  4. Book Key Vendors:
    • Secure key vendors such as the photographer, videographer, and wedding planner.
  5. Set a Date:
    • Choose a wedding date and secure it with your chosen venue.

9-12 Months Before:

  1. Select Wedding Party:
    • Choose bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the wedding party.
  2. Begin Dress and Attire Shopping:
    • Start looking for the wedding dress and groom’s attire.
  3. Plan Ceremony and Reception Details:
    • Work on the ceremony and reception details, including decor, music, and any special elements.

6-9 Months Before:

  1. Send Save-the-Dates:
    • Send out save-the-date cards.
  2. Finalize Guest List:
    • Confirm the final guest list.
  3. Book Caterer and Florist:
    • Secure catering services and book a florist.
  4. Plan Honeymoon:
    • Start planning the honeymoon.

4-6 Months Before:

  1. Order Invitations:
    • Design and order wedding invitations.
  2. Finalize Details:
    • Finalize details with vendors, including the menu and floral arrangements.
  3. Purchase Wedding Rings:
    • Select and purchase wedding rings.

2-4 Months Before:

  1. Send Invitations:
    • Mail out wedding invitations.
  2. Finalize Ceremony Details:
    • Confirm details with the officiant and plan the ceremony.
  3. Hair and Makeup Trials:
    • Schedule hair and makeup trials for the bride.

1-2 Months Before:

  1. RSVPs and Final Headcount:
    • Collect RSVPs and finalize the guest count.
  2. Finalize Seating Chart:
    • Create the seating chart for the reception.
  3. Final Dress Fitting:
    • Attend final dress fittings.

1 Week Before:

  1. Confirm Details:
    • Confirm details with all vendors.
  2. Pack for Honeymoon:
    • Pack for the honeymoon.
  3. Get Marriage License:
    • Obtain the marriage license.

Day Before:

  1. Rehearsal:
    • Attend the wedding rehearsal.
  2. Relax and Rest:
    • Take some time to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Wedding Day:

27. Capture Every Moment:

Live the best day ever! Walk down the aisle, open up the champagne and sing your heart out! Congratulations!

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