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12 Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas You Must Know

If you’re the type of couple who has always been more than just friends, a wedding anniversary is an event near and dear to your heart. It’s a time to celebrate your journey together and all you’ve accomplished as a couple. It’s also an opportunity to show how much thought and preparation went into creating the best wedding anniversary gift for your spouse.

While these gifts may be specific to each other or what you two share in common (like being avid readers or movie buffs), they should still be meaningful and personal enough that only the two of you would understand them. After all, no one needs another crystal vase or pair of cufflinks when they already have those things. Instead, try to think outside the box when choosing your best wedding anniversary gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you can find at the store or online; rather, it should be something that only you could have thought of, and only you two would appreciate.

Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to find a gift that will bring your spouse as much joy as you do.

If you’re looking for a meaningful and thoughtful present that’s not too expensive, we’ve got you covered—we’ve put together a list of our favorite anniversary gifts to help you find the perfect one for your spouse.

Here are the list of 12 best wedding anniversary gift ideas that you must know:

Customized Wedding Photo Books

person applying glue at the back of a photo

A photo book is a great anniversary gift because it’s something that can be enjoyed for years to come. You can make a stunning photo book with images from your wedding and honeymoon to give to your spouse on your wedding anniversary.Or, if you have children, consider making a photo book with photos of them as babies and then again as they grow up. A custom-made photo book will be appreciated by anyone who receives it!

Engraved Keepsake Box

Shelf with Blue Notebooks and Keepsake Box with Radio Buttons

If you’re looking for some of the best wedding anniversary gift ideas, consider purchasing an engraved keepsake box. A keepsake box is an excellent way to store precious items, making them last longer by keeping them safe from dust and light.

Keepsake boxes can be made of wood, metal, or glass. They come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Choosing the perfect one for your special someone’s personality and style will create something they’ll keep close at heart for years to come.

A personalized message on top of an engraved keepsake box makes it extra meaningful – whether it’s a sentimental quote or even their wedding date!

Framed Personalized Map of Your First Meeting, First Date, or First “I Love You”

Personalized Maps in Wooden Frames Hanging on Wall

A framed personalized map of your first meeting, first date, or first “I love you” can be a very special gift for your partner. You can choose to have it made in the style of the old-fashioned maps, with the names of cities written in calligraphy on them. If you are want something more modern and cool, go for a minimalist design where only the geographic locations are marked out on the map with pins.

This gift idea is also very easy to make as all you need is access to Google Maps (or any other free online mapping tool) and some basic skills in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Personalized Leather Journal

Brown Leather Journal and a Pen Besides a Laptop

A personalized leather journal makes a great anniversary gift, especially if you’re unsure what to buy. Get as imaginative as you like! Here are some ideas:

  • Add initials or a name to personalize the journal.
  • Add a date and/or message on the inside cover of the journal, like “Our First Anniversary” or “Thank You for Being My Best Friend.”
  • Write in your own words why you love your partner so much on one of the pages inside their new book of memories (and then remember to go back and read it when they open their gift!).
  • Find a cute quote that relates to your relationship online and add it anywhere in their book (on paper or cut from another source).

Personalized Wooden Cutouts

Consider making or buying a customized wooden cutout if you want to give a present that will last. They’re perfect for displaying photos and other keepsakes from your wedding day and can also be used as decorations for parties or special occasions.

You can display your first dance at the reception with this cute wooden cutout of your silhouette dancing together! You could also add an anniversary date if you want to commemorate another important year in your relationship. Have an annual movie night? This would be perfect for decorating on a television set or DVD player!

These are available for purchase online from stores like Etsy and Amazon, but there are plenty of online tutorials, so you can create them yourself too!

Print and Frame Your First Facebook Chat (or Text)

Facebook has changed the world and your relationship. But if you can go back to the beginning, you may find that it was a different world. You could print out your first-ever Facebook chat with your partner or husband/wife/partner-to-be and frame it for their wedding anniversary gift!

Personalized Digital Artwork

Personalized digital artwork is a great anniversary gift for couples who enjoy the arts or have a good sense of humor. You may create unique digital art using any photo editing program. This unique gift won’t break the bank, and you don’t need to be an artist to create something beautiful.

You can print your artwork as a collage on canvas, as posters, or even frame it as if it was an actual painting!

Elegant Wall Clock Made of Wine Corks and Display for Wine Labels

A wall clock made of wine corks and a display for wine labels is a great way to commemorate your love of wine. This type of wall decor can be personalized, as you can use different wines to create the clock. Wine labels are also great to display on the clock, as they represent your favorite bottles and provide a story behind them.

Create a Memorial of a Special Event: Concert, Vacation, Etc.

personalized scrapbook

If you have a special event that you want to remember, consider creating a memorial for it. For example, if your husband and his friends went to see a concert together, why not make a scrapbook of the experience? Use the photos from your camera or smartphone and any other memorabilia like ticket stubs or t-shirts. You can frame these items in an album and make copies so that everyone who was there has one. The project will bring back good memories even years later!

If you are interested in this idea but aren’t sure how it will look when completed, don’t worry. You can use projectors to create amazing effects from memory boards onto walls (or other surfaces) using shadows cast by lights behind them. This technique works great with photographs because each photo can be positioned to look perfect on whatever surface it’s projected onto—even if it’s curved!

Make a Photo Collage on a Canvas

photo collage of bride and groom

If you’re looking for a gift that’s both sentimental and practical, consider creating a collage of pictures on canvas. The best part of this project is that it can be done on your phone or laptop—no fancy tools required!

Once you’ve selected what photos to include in your collage, import them into an app like Canva or PicMonkey and add text if you like. After editing them all down to size, upload them to Printful so they’ll be printed professionally when ready.

Do Something Together That You Both Love to Do — Or Something New!

Couple Sitting on Rock Beside Lake

A second marriage can be an opportunity for you both to try something new or do something you love together. You might think this would make a great honeymoon destination—and it certainly could! But there are many other options for what activities you might like to engage in together on this trip, depending on the kind of couple you are.

Here are some ideas:

  • Hiking (the mountains or the beach)
  • Learning a new skill (yoga or cooking)
  • Visiting historical sites and museums

It will take more than one layer of brainstorming to create the best wedding anniversary gift.

Creating the best wedding anniversary gift that becomes an heirloom will take more than one layer of brainstorming. Here are some tips to assist you come up with an original and personalized anniversary present that your spouse would adore:

  • Make a scrapbook of your first date, including pictures from your engagement photographs and the day you got married. You can include the story behind why each photo was taken or write down what happened when it happened (such as where they were having dinner or who was waiting outside). This shows how well you know them, and it’s also something they can look back on years later to remember special moments in their lives together.
  • Create an album filled with photos of important events in your life—birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days like when they moved into their first apartment together—or even just some cute selfies they took while vacationing in Maui last year!


This list is just a start, so don’t let it limit your creativity. You can create any gift that you think will be meaningful and special to the two of you! Don’t forget: The most important thing is to show how much love and care you have for each other every single day.

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