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Need a Wedding Photographer in Adelaide? We can help.

Want the greatest wedding photographs possible? Michelle Kenney can help. Michelle is the best person to contact if you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Adelaide. She has extensive experience with weddings and has helped countless couples plan their big day. Whether you need help finding a photographer who will fit your budget or someone who can deal with family members who want to make changes at the last minute, Michelle Kenney has been there—and she knows what works best!

Choosing a photographer for the wedding is crucial.

choosing a wedding photographer in adelaide;
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Photography is one of the most important wedding decisions you’ll make. It’s not only a fun and creative process but also an opportunity for you to capture memories that can last a lifetime.

Your photos are the only thing you’ll have from your wedding day—they’re not just for you; they’re for everyone there, too! Your wedding photos can be used in your wedding album or posted on social media, where family and friends worldwide can see them. They make great gifts too! And when your children grow up and want to know what their parents looked like as a young couple in love? You’ll have those photos ready to share with them as well.

Why you should choose Michelle Kenney as your wedding photographer

You should choose Michelle Kenney as your wedding photographer because:

  • Michelle Kenney Photography is an award-winning wedding photographer in Adelaide, making her a wise choice to capture special moments on your big day.
  • She’s a professional photographer with lots of experience at weddings and has done tons of them over the years.
  • She can handle all the details for you! For example, if you need an officiant or someone to help set up tables and chairs, she’ll know who to call and how to arrange everything so that everyone is ready on time without any stress on your part (or even your guests).
  • She is flexible about things like locations and times when taking photos. She won’t make you feel terrible if you want her to go elsewhere instead of staying where everyone else is taking their photos—it’s all about what works best for YOU!

Michelle can edit your images and include them in your wedding album.

wedding album
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Michelle can edit your images and work with you to include them in your wedding album.

The best way to get a great wedding album is to hire a professional photographer with experience editing images! This is where Michelle Kenney comes in. She knows exactly how to edit your wedding photos and make them look amazing! She can also work with you to create a beautiful album that will remind you of your special day for years to come.

This will ensure that your photos look perfect and of high quality, which is what every bride wants for her big day.

No detail is too small for Michelle to manage.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Adelaide, Michelle Kenney is your girl.

You need someone to manage your wedding day’s details—from the ceremony to the reception. And with Michelle Kenney, no detail is too small for her to handle. She can help with everything from finding great vendors and ensuring they are all on schedule to editing and adding effects to make your photos look amazing!

Michelle can help you find the right wedding suppliers.

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She will also help you get in touch with the right florist, caterer, and other vendors. She’ll even help you find a place for your reception if you don’t already have one! Michelle is the type of person that makes you feel comfortable enough to chat about anything, without ever making you feel like you’re interrupting her or that she needs to rush off.

Michelle can provide you with several options to pick the best one.

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Michelle can provide you with several options to pick the best one. She has a large network of wedding suppliers who are all very talented and have unique styles. Whether you want a more classical approach or something whimsical, Michelle can help you find the right one for your budget and personality.

Michelle knows how to deal with difficult family members, friends, and wedding professionals.

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Michelle has a lot of experience dealing with difficult family members, friends, and wedding professionals. She can help you set up a schedule for your wedding day and keep everyone on track.

She will also help you deal with vendors, family members, and friends. Michelle knows how to get along with anyone, so if there’s any potential drama over the choice of florist or caterer, she’ll make sure it doesn’t happen at your wedding.

Michelle can handle your vendors and help you set up a schedule for your day.

Michelle can help you find a wedding planner, venue, and videographer if that’s what you need. She also knows a lot of great florists. So let Michelle be your guide as you navigate this exciting process!

What are the best wedding venues in Adelaide?

When looking for a wedding venue, there are many things to consider. First, you’ll want to decide how much space you need. Do you want an outdoor ceremony with a reception catered by the venue? Or do you want to get married in your home and then have the reception at another location? Do you want to rent an entire restaurant or just use the banquet hall?

When picking a wedding venue, it’s important to look for places that provide all-inclusive packages. Not only will this help you save time, but it will also ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

Wedding Planning: Let Michelle help you have the best photos possible.

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Have you ever seen a photo of your family or child and thought, “I wish I had taken that picture”? The fact is, most people don’t take the time to capture the important moments in their lives. And once you’re gone from this world, those memories will be lost forever.

For this reason, we wish to provide our clients with photographs that they may cherish for years after their wedding day. Those pictures are worth more than any amount of money could buy! Let’s face it—photography is an investment in your future happiness.


Michelle can help you have the best photos possible. She’s a professional photographer who has worked in the industry for many years. She knows how to ensure all your wedding photos are perfect and edited before they’re ready to be printed or displayed online. Michelle will help you choose your wedding photographer in Adelaide and organize everything else, so your day runs smoothly without any problems.

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