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Waterfall Spring Gully Autumn Wedding

waterfall spring gully wedding
Maja and Mark’s Wedding Song: Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader

There was a magical chemistry between Maja and Mark from the beginning.

The way they complement each other tells you right away they are meant to meet on the wedding aisle and tie the knot! 

Maja’s dream was to be walked down the aisle by her loving parents Marissa and James Rimando whose currently in the Philippines. But due to Covid, there were visa delays. 

They have put things on hold for a long time but they had decided to embrace the essence of their wedding day. 

Weeks before the big day I would constantly check on her and offered help. I could empathise with the feelings of getting married without your family by your side as I have experienced the same combination of longing and excitement.

I saw Maja’s compassionate and empathic soul. She gives herself the grace to feel through the sadness and allows herself to cry with a bottle of wine and rise above it by bringing the feelings home to what truly matters – marrying the love of her life- Mark.  This emotional process helped her embrace the full bliss of her wedding day.

Every couple would wish to not rain on their wedding day. In the Philippine customary belief, rain means a downpour of heavenly blessings. Across the miles, Maja’s parents generously sent their good wishes and prayers to their daughter and son-in-law. 

On a beautiful Sunday Autumn morning, these blessings poured out in misty drops of rain, just perfect to impress this message on Maja. It has also set everything fresh for the wedding and emptied the sky for an outdoor garden ceremony, nestled beside an 18m waterfall amongst conservation park gardens.

To honour the bride’s Spanish Catholic tradition, Richard, the celebrant incorporated in their ceremony these special matrimonial practices, the presentation of Las Arras ( golden coins) and clothing of El Lazo (cord) and veil by their sponsors.

The coins symbolize the stewardship of earthly possessions. The veil symbolizes the oneness of marriage. The cord symbolizes the unbreakable bond of marriage

Their ceremony was a combination of laughter and tears, I can’t remember how many times I teared up behind the camera. 

The couple would like to share their vows:

Maja: Mark, you make me want to be the best possible version of myself, and to do whatever is humanly possible to make what we have last forever. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been as successful in my journey if I didn’t have your unwavering love and support to sustain me. It is this love and support that has afforded me the freedom to be myself. In your arms, I have found home In your eyes, I have found compassion In your heart, I have found love I Maja, before these witnesses present here today take you Mark to be my lawful husband. Mark, I choose you today. I’ll choose you again tomorrow and I’ll go on choosing you day after day for the rest of our lives. As we stand here in front of our friends and family, I promise to always be faithful and choose you daily. Mark, I promise to be your port in the storm and to be that safe haven where you can simply be yourself. I love you Mark and I vow to make my life forever yours and to build my dreams around you.

Mark : MJ, from the day we first met, you left a lasting impression on me. Our courtship was interesting as I found out we had very similar interests and outlooks on life but that also presented some challenges in itself. But this time was one of the best experiences of my life as we became best friends and partners for a lifetime. I am so happy and grateful that you came into my life. I Mark, before these witnesses present here today take you Maja to be my lawful wife. I promise to be a good husband to you and to love you unconditionally for the rest of our lives. I give you my sacred vow that I will always be with you and support you, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow. Please remember that I will always be there for you and to trust in our love. With this, together we can accomplish our dreams.

Just across the garden, the reception followed at a century-old chalet and heritage-listed stone tea-room – Utopia Restaurant.

The night magically ended with a sparkler send-off. Truly it was a beautiful wedding to remember.  

The First Look

Ceremony Highlights

Reception Highlights

Wedding Suppliers:

Wedding Photographer: Michelle Kenney Photographer

Venue: Utopia @ Waterfall Gully

Dress: Jenny and Gerry’s Bridal Centre

Flowers: Floral Eden

DJ/MC: John Pires

Make-up: Natalie Jade Beauty

Hair: Updo’s by Jess

Videographer: Rhiannon Miller

Celebrant: Richard Lawley

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